Risk Management At Its Core

Our thorough risk management process is the core of our business. We combine disciplined risk estimation and evaluation to create a well-balanced portfolio.

We have a dedicated group that oversees our risk management. This further strengthens our approach. Our process and portfolio allow us to protect our client’s capital as the blockchain market begins to stabilize.

The AlphaBlock Way

1. Our Dedicated Risk Management Team

Our risk management team operates independently from our investment business. They primarily report to our top executives and guide the allocation of risk capital.

2. Audit and Test

We run tests that include historical and forward-looking scenarios.

3. Run Rigorous Processes

In pre-trade discussions, our risk management group works to identify the outcomes of every investment opportunity. Our goal is to capitalize on investments with the most information possible. In the ex-post analysis, we evaluate the background, infrastructure, investment market and risk potential of each company.

4. Reinforce the culture

We believe in a solid framework. Successful risk management, must be the root of the portfolio manager’s analysis. Our culture is defined by careful, calculated investments.