• Why Blockchain?

    We invest in the best and most innovative entrepreneurs around the globe because we believe Blockchain technology is a fundamental breakthrough that rivals the $19 Trillion internet industry.

    Here’s How

We have two main objectives:

1. Supporting the most innovative organizations that are harnessing the disruptive nature of Blockchain technology

2. Maximizing returns for our investors

We believe blockchain technology (distributed ledger or decentralized database and smart contracts) – will fundamentally impact society.

For the last 20 years, the internet and web protocols enabled information to be digitized, which resulted in companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc. Blockchain is the next step and will enable assets to be digitized. This has been untouched until now.

We believe in backing transformational technologies and companies; and shy away from incremental improvements.

The future we envision is one where everything from identity, voting, energy consumption, food to real estate, insurance, banking, healthcare will have a digital blockchain footprint.

And this makes us both extremely excited and optimistic about the future.

Banking and Financial Markets

Supply Chain



Consumer and Retail

Digitization of Assets

Investment Philosophy

The best founders want to radically change the world for the better (think Vitalik). We look for contrarian thinking and often visionary entrepreneurs come off as naïve. Investors often think its profitable/easier/lower risk to create another token for an online betting platform or another smart contract payment app. We believe otherwise.

We believe the brightest and most creative problem solvers seek the hardest and most interesting problems to solve. We look for entrepreneurs with a zealot like mindset that seeks to make an impact beyond their own payday. If they succeed, their technology will be extraordinarily valuable.

We swing for the fences. A lot of funds exist to pursue companies with more moderate ambitious and with perceived lower degrees of risk. We are not one of them.